Crystals are commonly associated with having naturally improved, flat and smooth external faces. It has been recognised that this trace of external regularity is related to the regularity of internal structure. Diffraction techniques are now available which give much more details about the internal structure of crystals, and it is recognised that internal order can exist with no external trace for it. It should be clear that all matter is made up of atoms. In the periodic table, we can see that there are only about 100 different kinds of atoms in the whole Universe. These same 100 atoms form thousands of different materials ranging from the air we inhale to the metal use to support tall buildings. Metals work differently than ceramics, and ceramics work differently than polymers. 

  • Crystal Growth
  • X-ray & Nanocrystallography
  • NMR Studies of Materials & Metals
  • Powder diffraction
  • Small angle scattering  

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