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Renowned Speakers

Corneliu Bob

Corneliu Bob

Politehnica University of Timisoara Romania

Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor

Oxford University UK

Dave Yarbrough

Dave Yarbrough

Tennessee Technological University USA

Ephraim Suhir

Ephraim Suhir

Portland State University USA

Farid Menaa

Farid Menaa

University of California San Diego USA

Yong Lei

Yong Lei

Technical University of Ilmenau Germany

Sergey Sokovnin

Sergey Sokovnin

Russian Academy of Sciences Russia

Sebahattin Tuzemen

Sebahattin Tuzemen

Ataturk University Turkey

Recommended Global Materials Science Webinars & Conferences

Material Science Congress - 2022

About Conference

It is a great pleasure and honour, as Conference Chairs and representatives of the hosting university to invite colleagues from academia and business, as well as young researchers and students from all parts of the world to attend the Material Science 2022. The conference, scheduled from  August 08-09, 2022 is organized by Conferenceseries LTD in collaboration with various academicians around the globe.

The conference will underpin the need and importance of collaboration and cooperation by individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Materials Conference 2022 will bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers from all over the world to present latest findings and to exchange their ideas. This in turn paves the way for further discoveries, which most often happen where disciplines and specialists meet and congregate. In fact the development of materials was, is and will be fundamental for all technological applications, and in the entire field of applied science targeting the improvement of quality of life for humanity. At the end of the conference, we hope that attendees will feel they have generated the most up-to-date information available.

We hope that you will join us for a symphony of outstanding science, and to also take a little extra time to enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of  Budapest, Hungary


Why to Attend?

Inspiring Speakers of Future Materials Conference: Attend the sessions from key decision makers of Materials Science and Nanotechnology and get acumen knowledge into their latest research.

Knowledge: Explore your research with most recent topics discussed on our conference.

Networking: Network with our world’s leading researchers online and expand your research work by collaboration and Networking. 

Spread the Impact: Our conferences instill a rewarding experience and will empower you to rub elbows with many of the industry leaders. The community of ambitious and accomplished professionals surely helps you spread your impact and optimize your research goals.

Discuss: Spark your creativity by discussing your work with experts in your field of study. Our events help you widen your research and development efforts and are sure to bring together some of the world’s top innovators and strategists in your domain.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Materials Science-2022 in Prague, Czech Republic.


    Where to study Masters in Material Science and Engineering | Why masters in  Material science in UK | GoUK


Tracks & Sessions

Materials Science

The fundamentals that empowered the advancement of expectations for the everyday comforts of individuals in a previous couple of decades are the consequence of developments that occurred through Material Science Engineering building. They are creating at a pace that is unmatchable to some other field. Material Science coordinates towards the engineering and amalgamation of materials of higher potential, utilizing the ideas of Physical science.

2018 Journal Impact Factor Materials Science - Advanced Science News

Polymers, Ceramics and Composites

20 unique families comprising of around 15,000 distinct kinds of building materials, for example, glues, plastics, rubbers, and so on., which are light, consumption safe materials with low quality and solidness are monetarily accessible as polymers. They are generally not appropriate for high-temperature applications but rather are sensibly economical and can be effectively framed into an assortment of shapes and structures. Pottery has been utilized in common structures for a considerable length of time.

Strong yet light: Ceramic-polymer composite microstructures built using 3D  laser lithography | The American Ceramic Society

Materials Science in Construction Engineering

The plan, designing and generation of innovative compositional materials and items is an intriguing part of a building which requires a lot of imaginative aptitudes. To make items and materials that help the modeller's vision for each venture dependent on the interesting style, programming and execution is a lot and for which embracement of advancements from a wide scope of businesses both inside and outside development and engineering is critical and that will just outcome in a legitimate arrangement.

Role of Material Science in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemistry is really behind all the energizing revelations and advances that are occurring today in the fields of biotechnology and materials science. Without atomic science, which is science, every one of the advances in both these fields are simply wouldn't be conceivable. The quick advancement of science and innovation depends to a great extent on the improvement of cutting edge materials and the proficient utilization of concoction and organic responses.

What is Biotechnology: Types, Examples, Branches and Applications -  Conserve Energy Future

Sensors Technology

Electrochemical sensors and biosensors have discovered expansive broad applications in arranged endeavours off late. Nowadays, numerous explanatory instruments utilized in natural, sustenance, pharmaceutical, or clinical labs and moreover the majority of the business purpose of-care gadgets work utilizing synthetic sensors or biosensors. Step by step, the quantities of sensors or biosensors originating from the seat of research labs to the rack of the business, markets are expanding.

AI And IoT Lead the Age of Sensor Technology | FierceElectronics

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

The destiny of the World's future, for the most part, lies on Nanotechnology which is the structure of sensible systems at the subatomic scale. An increasingly reasonable view is that it will leave basically no part of life immaculate and is required to be in across the board use by 2025. Mass applications are probably going to have an extraordinary effect especially in industry, drug, new figuring frameworks, and manageability


Materials in Defence, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

For any nation to act naturally adequate innovatively, they will put a great deal in the defense sector apart from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, absolutely in assembling innovation and address the issue of vitality with regards to the worldwide vitality condition. The present spotlight is on the globalized intensity and expanded the consciousness of the earth which made the assembling fundamentally unique with more accentuation on focused advancements and board approach

Aerospace & Defense | Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Science

Material science impacts metallurgy more than one could imagine. Powder metallurgy is a term covering a wide scope of fields in which materials or parts are conveyed using metal powders. They can avoid, or staggeringly decrease, the need to utilize metal expulsion shapes and can lessen the expenses.  Pyrometallurgy solidifies warm treatment of minerals and metallurgical metals and thinks to recognize physical and considerable changes in the materials to empower recuperation of valuable metals.

Metallurgy Degrees | Top Universities

 Emerging Smart Materials

The medieval ages where stone, bronze, steel was utilized have now prompted the development of Ceramics, Minerals from where Metallurgy field stirred. Material science, Chemistry, thermodynamics and a few different fields of science have looked into metals, amalgams, silica and carbon nanomaterial. Material Science has now upset from metals and composites to semiconductors, plastics, biomaterial, rubbers, polymers, attractive materials, therapeutic embed materials, nanomaterial, and so forth Biosensors

Sessions | Materials Science 2021 | Materials Science conferences |  Materials Science Congress | Conference | Summit | Materials Science 2021 |  2021 | Meeting

Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Health Care

Biomaterials are a creating field that spotlights on the improvement of materials to supersede or broaden human tissues. It is considered as an aid in the therapeutic field. Tissue structuring is a subset of biomaterials and is rapidly reaching out as a treatment for a broad assortment of restorative conditions. Advances in tissue planning coordinate divulgences from natural science, cell and nuclear science, and materials science to convey three-dimensional structures with attractive properties that enable us to override or fix hurt, missing or deficiently working normal fragments.

Biomaterials vs Tissue Engineering - what is the difference?

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

A channel is a kind of material that allows the flood of electrical flow in somewhere around one bearing. Electrical flow is made by the flood of conversely charged electrons, determinedly charged holes, and positive or negative particles from time to time. This social affair of materials is described by its handiness. Semiconductors, metals, and pottery generation are used today to outline significantly complex systems, for instance, composed electronic circuits, optoelectronic devices, and appealing and optical mass amassing media.

Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Materials | Global Events | USA | Europe |  Middle East | Asia Pacific

Energy Materials in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development

This is a standout amongst the most famous fields in Materials Science. The consumption of characteristic assets and the overall increment in the populace joined with the different topographical and social weights are compelling a move from petroleum products to inexhaustible and economical vitality sources. Materials, for example, supercapacitors, vitality stockpiling in batteries, thermoelectric gadgets, vitality transformation through sun-oriented cells, power modules. and so forth., are the desire for sustainable power sources.

Sustainable Energy: Why We Need and Various Types of it - Conserve Energy  Future

Textile and Fibre Materials

Material textures are a part of materials which is adaptable and involves a system of counterfeit or common strands. It is widely utilized for clothing purposes. It is made through procedures like weaving, sewing, spreading, knitting, or holding after which it is utilized for clothing purposes. It is of different starting points from plant to creature subsidiaries. Latest advances in materials enterprises incorporate eco-accommodating material and materials delivered from deposits like waste and buildups.

This wood-based textile fibre is made without chemical solvents -  MaterialDistrict

Computational Material Science

The objective of Computational  Material Science is to give an account of results that give new bits of knowledge into or fundamentally grow our comprehension of, the properties of materials or marvels related with their plan, amalgamation, preparing, portrayal, and use. Computational strategies assume a focal job in materials science and science. All parts of current materials demonstrating are of enthusiasm, including quantum substance strategies, thickness practical hypothesis (DFT), semi-experimental and traditional methodologies, factual mechanics, nuclear scale reproductions, mesoscale displaying, and stage field systems.

Computational Materials Science | Materials Science | NREL

Market Analysis

Market Analysis of Materials Science and Engineering

The world automotive interior materials market is calculable to be USD 46.63 in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of three.5% to succeed in USD 55.41 billion by 2023. the event in showcase is evaluated to be driven by the increasing interest for aerogel materials from oil and gas and development applications. The North yank space remains the largest market, trailed by Asia-Pacific. The Europe showcase is evaluated to be development at a permanent rate thanks to monetary recovery within the space aboard the increasing worry for the building protection and vitality reserve funds.

Market Value:

The worldwide market is anticipated to achieve $6,000 million by 2020 and enlist a CAGR of 10.2% within the section of 2015 and 2020 as way as esteem. increased properties, for instance, high weakness life, top quality and modulus, diminished weight, acoustic protection, associate degree erosion resistance have prompted to an growth within the request. Unpredictability within the crude material prices, and non-recyclable nature of composites represent a unprecedented risk within the development of the market.


Market Growth of Material Science Research in the last and upcoming ten years:

The worldwide savvy glass showcase is needed to develop from USD 2.34 Billion out of 2015 to USD 8.13 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of nineteen.2% within the neighbourhood of 2016 and 2022.The worldwide material market was prestigious at $149 million in 2015, and is needed to achieve $1,387 million by 2022, developing at a CAGR of 39.7% amid the gauge time-frame. The worldwide marketplace for metallurgy elements and powder shipments was 4.3 billion pounds (esteemed at $20.7 billion) in 2011 and developed to regarding four.5 billion pounds ($20.5 billion) in 2012. This market is relied upon to realize five.4 billion pounds (an estimation of regarding $26.5 billion) by 2018.

Importance & Scope:

Materials Science is meant to supply comprehensive sessions that address recent advancements associated new ways for development of latest materials for world needs with an objective to put in a dialogue between industries and tutorial organizations and information transfer from analysis to trade. Materials Science-2016 covers the areas of Materials Science and Engineering, Energy Materials, Mining and science, Surface Science and Engineering, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Materials Chemistry, chemical compound Technology, rising fields in Materials Science and applied science .All this has become attainable with the various discoveries and inventions resulting in the event of assorted applications. The core aim of Materials Science 2019 conference is to supply a chance for the delegates to fulfil, act and exchange new ideas within the numerous areas of Materials Science.


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 08-09, 2022

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